Mind-body techniques to reduce lingering symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress

There are many mind-body techniques that can be useful for improving the lingering feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression in thyroid patients. Techniques such as meditation, music therapy, dance therapy, yoga, or tai chi will improve the power of your mind and its ability to control your body’s functioning.

These techniques help making your immune system less reactive, resulting in decreased inflammation in the body, which is crucial for patients with autoimmunity. They also help with depression and self-esteem issues, resulting in a much better quality of life for patients with depressive and anxiety symptoms.

If you have lingering symptoms, you may want to consider joining self-help groups. Discussing the way you are feeling with others who suffer from the same condition as yourself is an important mind-body resource that helps you cope better with your lingering symptoms, and even speed up the recovery. You could even combine the self-help group technique with any of the above listed relaxation therapies. This will provide you with a reinforced feeling of support from your self-help group while you are practicing these mind-body techniques.

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