Liquid levothyroxine may be a better therapy for hypothyroidism than a tablet form

Hypothyroidism is diagnosed when a patient’s TSH level is reported as elevated. The introduction of a precise dose of thyroid hormone into the body causes the TSH levels to become normal in range, restoring euthyroidism, or normal thyroid function for the patient. Levothyroxine is the most common form of treatment for hypothyroidism. This treatment comes in a liquid and a tablet form. Studies have shown that the liquid form of levothyroxine actually is more effective and is better absorbed by the body than the tablet form. The liquid levothyroxine is able to overcome food and drink interference and malabsorption, whereas the tablet form is known for its malabsorption caused by medications, food/drinks, and GI issues. Research suggests that liquid levothyroxine is far better at controlling and maintaining TSH levels than the tablet form. In one research study, patients that were switched from tablet to liquid levothyroxine showed an improvement in their TSH level. When these patients were switched back to the tablet form, their TSH level worsened again, proving that the liquid levothyroxine had done a better job at maintaining normal thyroid function.

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