How excess of free radicals affect metabolism in women and how you can improve the negative metabolic effects of free radicals

Excess of free radicals caused by buildup of metabolic waste in the cells can cause toxic effects including injury to proteins, lipids, and DNA. Excessive accumulation of free radicals can also cause negative impacts in the standard functioning of our cells. In humans, excess of free radicals is believed to be involved in the growth of cancer and a multitude of other destructive diseases. Research has shown that there is an increase accumulation of free radicals in women of normal weight that have metabolic syndrome, compared to overweight or obese women who are metabolically healthy. The research suggests that the accumulation of excessive amounts of free radicals is generated by systemic inflammation. Obese people with no metabolic side effects have less accumulation of free radicals, and seem to be overall healthier than the people with metabolic syndrome who have a normal weight. Based on the results of research, it is vital to control metabolic syndrome and inflammation by adopting healthy diet and exercise into your lifestyle. It is also very important to take daily vitamins and antioxidants supplementation with a comprehensive mix, such as ThyroLife Optima, to maintain vitamins and antioxidants at a healthy level. Prevention is always easier than therapy. Prevent the onset of metabolic syndrome by engaging in physical activity, eating a reduced calorie diet, and avoiding foods that the immune system might react to. Also, do not forget Vitamin D supplementation, which is also very important for a healthy weight and metabolism.

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