Could your thyroid be perpetuating your depression?

The association between thyroid imbalance and depression has been recognized for many years. But how much is the thyroid contributing to your depression? Interestingly, subclinical or low-grade hypothyroidism is more strongly associated with depression than overt hypothyroidism with up to 40% of people with low-grade hypothyroidism also having depression.

Some research has shown that when treating low-grade hypothyroidism with thyroid medication, the depression diminishes and even sometimes resolves. If you are suffering from depressive symptoms, consider getting your thyroid tested as fixing the imbalance could help alleviate some symptoms. It is even possible to get off anti-depressants with the right thyroid treatment.

Please note that depression is not always accompanied with thyroid disease, but if you have the two conditions together, the thyroid disease can worsen the depression.

Additionally, hyperthyroidism is associated with a variety of mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Most people associate hyperthyroid symptoms with palpitations, weight loss, and anxiety and would not think there is a link between overactive thyroid and depression but it should be known that there is a connection.

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