Dr. Arem's 20/10 Exercise Program

THE BEST EXERCISE PROGRAM FOR WEIGHT LOSS The 20/10 Exercise Program  Through scientific research, Dr. Arem designed an effective exercise program for weight loss called the “20/10 Exercise Program”. Every daily workout is completed in just 30 minutes and combines 20 minutes of high intensity intermittent cardio with 10 minutes of resistance training exercises. Alternative and simpler programs are provided for people who are traveling, frail, or obese. The results of this exercise program are miraculous when combined with The Protein Boost Diet. Indeed, research shows that exercise alone does not induce significant weight loss. You need to combine this program with meticulously designed eating guidelines that will boost your metabolism and help overcome sugar and fat cravings. The Protein Boost Diet includes detailed exercise illustrations from Dr. Arem’s 20/10 program with 100 step-by-step photos for a total lifestyle revolution. You can learn many other stretch exercises from a yoga instructor, personal trainer, or stretch exercise class. Take a few five-minute stretch breaks throughout the day to keep your muscles loose and posture perfect. You’ll be amazed at how well stretching relieves the cramped stiffness you might feel from sitting at a computer desk all day. Ten to fifteen minutes of yoga daily is a perfect combination of strength, stretching, and relaxation. Some patients who choose yoga as their relaxation technique incorporate its powerful poses into both stretching and strength training. From The Protein Boost Diet © 2012 Ridha Arem, MD

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