Why is fasting not good for weight loss?

Have you ever needed to drop weight quickly? Maybe you had a wedding coming up and needed to fit into a dress so you fasted for a week or two to shed the pounds? Or you had a beach vacation around the corner so you engaged in a hypo-caloric diet to get a slimmer belly? Many people have been in this situation and thought that fasting was the way to get the weight off fast. However, we have all heard experts say fasting is not the way to lose weight. But why? Fasting makes your body feel as if you are in a survival situation. You may lose weight initially, but once you begin eating normally, your body will hold onto extra fat because it thinks you are still in survival mode. Fasting will also slow down your metabolism, making it easier to gain weight when you finish fasting. It can also be damaging to some of your organs too fast for extended periods of time. Instead of fasting, experts recommend that you cut your calorie intake for the day. Instead of consuming 1800 calories daily, decrease your intake to 1400 calories daily and step up your exercise regimen. It is also important to eat healthier foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and lean protein rather than carbs, red meat, and sugar. If you have to lose weight for an event, plan ahead. Start your diet and exercise program 90 days in advance rather than a week and you will see better long term results. Also consider taking supplements to help with boosting your metabolism.

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