Emotion and mood problems caused by thyroid disease

Generally, when people think of thyroid problems, they think weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, and dry skin, but do not realize thyroid imbalance leads to many mood change symptoms as well. Women could experience a change in their personality and easily become frustrated. Relationships are affected and partners of people with thyroid disease often do not understand these mood swings. Experiencing stress can make these thyroid symptoms worse. You should have your thyroid checked if you are experiencing several of the following symptoms:
  • Increased irritability
  • Becoming more withdrawn and wanting to be alone
  • Feeling a strong need for attention from your partner and friends
  • Lacking motivation and commitment to do things
  • Exhibiting unpleasant attitude towards family members, friends, or relatives
  • Suffering from increased anxiety and constant worrying
  • Becoming inconsistent and irrational in your behavior
Thyroid treatment can often improve many of these symptoms if they are caused by a thyroid imbalance – contact the Texas Thyroid Institute to get your thyroid checked today!

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