Understanding brown fat and how it can increase overall fat burn

There is a condition that many people would love to have called constitutional leanness where the body is resistant to fat accumulation even when the person eats too much. This may have to do with how much fat you burn even when you are doing nothing. Body fat has 2 kinds: white fat is the fat that stores fat as a form of energy accumulated for future needs; brown fat is the fat rich in mitochondria (the powerhouse of metabolism) that has the ability to burn fat and change it into heat. Brown fat is not related to white fat but to skeletal muscle. Brown fat plays a role in metabolism and is predominantly found in infants and in animals that hibernate. Only recently has the presence of brown fat in adults been understood. It is useful for heat production and could also play a role in weight loss because brown fat takes calories from normal fat and burns it.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism examined brown fat activity in people of various body types including constitutionally lean, anorexia nervosa, and normal weight, using an imaging technique called positron emission topography scan. The study showed that brown fat is present in all constitutionally lean people, likely to interfere with fat tissue deposition. The most fascinating finding in this research is that the percent composition of brown adipose was directly correlated with basal metabolic rate. In contrast, the patients with anorexia nervosa had no brown fat activity in their body, and this could be related to their chronic minimal eating behavior. Eventually we could see weight loss medications that stimulate the growth of brown adipose in humans to prevent excess of white fat accumulation. In the meantime, you can boost your metabolism through a well-balanced diet designed to energize mitochondria and thyroid hormone efficiently at the mitochondria level. A well-structured exercise program can also change white fat into brown fat and raise fat burn when you are doing nothing. The ThyroLife Protein Boost Diet and the Arem 20/10 exercise program have been meticulously designed to do just that.

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