The correlation between hypothyroidism and cholesterol and triglyceride problems

Dyslipidemia is defined as finding abnormal amounts of fats (i.e. cholesterol, triglycerides, etc…) in the blood. There are several causes of dyslipidemia, and one of the causes is hypothyroidism as thyroid hormone levels impact cholesterol metabolism in the body. Often, a lipid panel tested on a hypothyroid patient shows elevated lipid levels. The grade of dyslipidemia found in hypothyroid patients depends on the severity of their hypothyroidism, their age, lifestyle, and genetic makeup. Treating hypothyroidism with a T4 medication only might not be the best choice for those suffering from persistent dyslipidemia. Studies have shown that using a combined treatment of LT4-LT3 to treat hypothyroidism results in better lipid panel test results.

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