How does the Protein Boost Diet differ from the Ideal Protein Diet?

Q: How does the Protein Boost Diet differ from the Ideal Protein Diet? A. There are many weight loss diets that focus on the concept that eating high protein meals will result in successful weight loss. One of them is the Ideal Protein diet, a commercial weight loss program that uses an eating plan consistent with that fundamental. Another high protein diet is the Dukan diet, very popular in Europe and the United States. High protein diets do work as far as weight loss but usually result in an imbalanced diet. Another example includes low glycemic diets, which work but do not address all facets of hormonal imbalances and inefficiencies of metabolism boosting hormones. Whether focusing on just one fundamental can lead to successful long term weight loss or not is questionable. For a weight loss diet to be balanced and healthy, it must address the needs of the immune system, the thyroid system, and all hormonal machinery including insulin, leptin, ghrelin, growth hormone, cortisol, and other important hormones.
  1. High protein – but not in excess, combination of proteins, high quality proteins that provide the best amino acid profile to boost thyroid hormone and leptin efficiency to make metabolism speedier
  2. Low glycemic at each meal and the lowest glycemic at dinner time
  3. Consuming at least 30 grams of fiber per day
  4. Low in trans-fat and saturated fat with Mediterranean diet properties
The Protein Boost Diet fulfills all these fundamentals and is immune system friendly. It not only provides the right foods to eat but the right ratios and amounts of the specific foods to be eaten at each meal. The Protein Boost Diet, in my opinion, is the best option for anyone suffering from autoimmunity and, particularly, autoimmune thyroid disease.

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