What is The Protein Boost Diet?

How Does The Protein Boost Diet Work?

When you become overweight or obese, regardless of the cause, the hormones that regulate your body fat become imbalanced as a result of the weight gain. This imbalance can be observed at both the tissue and cell level. The metabolism-energizing hormones that normally make you burn fat to generate heat, leptin and thyroid hormone become inefficient. Now you suffer from both leptin and thyroid hormone resistance. The Protein Boost Diet utilizes foods to energize your mitochondria and make these hormones work more efficiently. It also improves and re-balances the activity of growth hormone, insulin, cortisol and other hormones involved in energy burning, appetite and food choices. The Protein Boost Diet will help you synchronize your central circadian and cellular clock for optimal metabolism so that you can lose weight safely and efficiently. Most diets out there tend to focus on one specific fundamental such as low-glycemic or high protein all while ignoring other important fundamentals. You may initially lose weight on these diets but will ultimately have a hard time keeping the weight off simply because they are imbalanced.


The Protein Boost Diet is a science-based, well-structured diet that fulfills all the important fundamentals: High protein (but not in excess), high fiber (roughly 30 to 35 grams a day), low-glycemic (during the evening and dinnertime), immune system friendly, and low in saturated and trans-fat. The amounts and proportions of the main food categories are provided in easy building block units. The combination of specific proteins in the Protein Boost Diet meal plan will give you a complete amino acid profile that will boost your metabolism because the provided essential and non-essential amino acids will help curb your appetite and speed up your metabolism. Dr. Arem recommends avoiding whole grains during the first 6 weeks of taking on The Protein Boost Diet in order to break food addictions, and again for several weeks a few times a year to jump-start your metabolism. The Hormonal Benefits of The Protein Boost Diet in a Nutshell: • Restores the efficiency of metabolism boosting hormones • Improves insulin resistance • Reduces ghrelin levels (ghrelin increases your cravings and slows your metabolism) • Improves growth hormone levels and efficiency, leading to more efficient fat burn • Reduces inflammation and free radical buildup


  • Consume 1,200 to 1,400 calories daily during the initial weight-loss phase (less if needed).
  • Only eat approved fruits at the end of breakfast or lunch, but never around dinner time, because early-meal spiking glucose levels increase appetite.
  • Learn to eyeball proper portion sizes by using designated food category units (Protein, Vegetables, Legumes/Whole Grain/Fruit, and Fat) to create meals with the optimal nutrition profile.
  • Do not eat anything at least three hours prior to bedtime.
  • Avoid sugars (other than approved fruit), processed foods, and saturated fats. Enjoy limited quantities of “good” fats like olive oil, avocados, and nuts.
THE PROTEIN BOOST DIET EASY PLAN: The Protein Boost Diet Easy Plan provides a structured on the go plan using the Protein Boost Diet Protein Shake as a meal substitute for breakfast or lunch, according to caloric recommendations of the Protein Boost Diet weight loss phase, which is about 1,200 to 1,400 calories daily. This easy plan is designed to make the weight loss phase easy and convenient for those with busy day to day schedules.   Breakfast (240 calories): 1 scoop of the Protein Shake + 1 Protein Bar OR 3 scoops of the Protein Shake OR 1 ½ Protein Bar Lunch (400 calories): 3 scoops of the Protein Shake + 1 Protein Bar OR 5 scoops of the Protein Shake Mid-afternoon Snack (160 calories): 1 Protein Bar OR 2 scoops of the Protein Shake Dinner (500 to 600 calories): Regular Protein Boost Diet dinner: protein + vegetables, good fat, and occasionally small amounts of quinoa, lentils, or beans. Avoid grains.

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