Higher vitamin D3 levels reduce thyroid cancer risk

Increasing your vitamin D3 intake may very likely reduce your risk of having cancer, including thyroid cancer. The risk of having thyroid cancer has been on an upward trend worldwide for decades now. Although researchers aren’t sure exactly what is causing this upward trend, Dr. Arem believes that environmental pollutants, and increased daily stress levels are contributing factors. Even more impactful than these though, according to Dr. Arem, is a lack of essential micronutrients and vitamins that people receive daily. One piece of evidence that reinforces this belief is a fairly recent research study performed by a group of medical researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. The study’s observations and results were published in the journal PLOS ONE and found that a higher serum concentration of vitamin D3 (25-hydoxy vitamin D3) was associated with a substantial reduction in risk of all invasive cancers combined, including thyroid cancer. Two groups with over 1,100 individuals in each were compared in terms of their serum vitamin D3 concentrations over an average period of 3.9 years. (one group had significantly higher vitamin D3 levels than the other; 40ng/mL VS 30ng/mL). The cancer risk between these groups was analyzed and found to be significantly lower for higher serum vitamin D3 concentrations. Moreover, women with vitamin D3 concentrations higher than 40ng/mL had a 67% lower risk of cancer than women with vitamin D3 concentrations below 20ng/mL. All of this strongly suggesting that higher vitamin D3 levels reduce thyroid cancer risk, among others. To achieve these levels, Dr. Arem recommends to his patients ThyroLife Liquid Vitamin D3, a high quality vitamin D3 supplement in a liquid form (for increased bio-availability and easier intake) for his thyroid patients. The average recommended doses are 10,000 IU (one dropper), one to two days a week. Some people may require more to achieve and maintain excellent vitamin D3 levels. To learn more about Dr. Arem’s thyroid supplement program, visit Shop Dr. Arem's ThyroLife Products.

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