Dr. Arem’s 10 commandments to weight loss

These 10 Commandments outline the fundamentals of a truly successful approach to healthy weight loss. They include suggestions for maintaining optimal thyroid health and for achieving and maintaining balance and efficiency of metabolism regulating hormones.

1. Stick to a healthy, hormone-balancing, immune system friendly eating plan (ThyroLife Protein Boost Diet Eating Plan); two important principles:

*Avoidance of foods that irritate the immune system and promote inflammation. *Following a high fiber, slightly high protein, low glycemic Mediterranean diet, low in saturated fat and trans-fat.

2. Engage in a regular cardio and resistance exercise program (Dr. Arem’s 20/10 Exercise Program).

3. Address stress issues and depression (mind body techniques, yoga, tai chi, etc…):

*Mind body techniques reduce immune system agitation and reduce body inflammation.

4. Use techniques to overcome cravings and bad food choices (cognitive behavioral techniques)

5. Balance your thyroid hormones. Individualized thyroid hormone regimen highly recommended – monitoring is crucial:

*Perfect thyroid hormone levels are key factors for optimal metabolism and weight-loss efforts.

6. Balance your sex hormones and correct other hormonal Problems:

*Sex hormone levels affect metabolism. Growth hormone deficiency can be the root of slowing of metabolism and significant weight loss resistance.

7. Address sleep issues:

*Sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, and sleep interruptions can reduce the ability to burn extra fat and can promote weight gain and weight loss resistance.

8. Address food sensitivities:

*Foods such as gluten, dairy, or other foods that might irritate the immune system can promote systemic inflammation, insulin resistance, and leptin resistance.

9. Drink plenty of water, avoid high calorie drinks, avoid processed foods, and eat as organic as possible.

10. Take natural, safe supplements to enhance metabolic functions and immune system support (see weight loss supplement program):

*Antioxidants, several micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins are critical for optimal fat burn. Pay attention to calcium intake and vitamin D supplementation as insufficient calcium and vitamin D intake can promote weight loss resistance. Well balance probiotic mix, omega 3 fatty acids, and safe weight loss helpers will enhance weight loss when you embrace the ThyroLife Protein Boost Diet Program.

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